Every time we tend to give importance to our good-looking and decorative objects in our house and makes an effort to beautify them to upgrade their grandeur more and more. However, we seldom look attentively at the useful and valuable things in our home. Chair in our house is one such kind of furniture which plays the most important and beneficial job in our house but, gets little or no attention from the users. However, when you feel extremely stressed out or standing long hour after hour then, at that point of time we need to have a chair to rest the body for a while.

Benefit of using chair is abundant and there are varieties of chair styles that offer comfort to the sitter from different postures. Like other furniture, chair is one of the important furnishing goods that serve the purpose of comfort in our daily lifestyle. Comfort and luxury is the key feature of a chair and with this features, manufacturers have presented us multiple types of chairs in different forms. We all know chair is basically used for sitting and it includes four legs as its support. This piece of furniture allows one sitter to sit and when a chair offers more than one person to use then, it is the more modified form of this four-legged furniture and came to known as sofa set, comfortable couch or a bench.

One Chair By Magis

One Chair By Magis

With time and new innovative designing, this furniture evolved quite largely depending upon its usage and demand. Like the indoor chairs, there are different varieties of outdoor chairs that get used in lawn, terrace, garden etc. Usually, chairs for outdoor usage are tough, hardy and water-resistant. Different kinds of outdoor chairs are now out in stores offering unique and beautiful features and looks.

The One Chair by Magis is a perfect example of outdoor chairs. Colourful, hardy, water-resistant and made with quality material, this product serves best for all outdoor usage.  The designer, Konstantin Grcis gave the product a unique look and with stackable feature and it is suitable and versatile for both indoor and outdoor usage. Its seat is in die-cast aluminum and gets designed with sputtered fluorinated titanium and its painting is in polyester powder. Moreover, there are varieties of seat pads accessible for the products.


Additionally, the key benefit that One Chair by Magis offers is that the product is fire-retardant and easily accessible in multiple colours like black, red, white and in grey anthracite metalized finish. Its size is W 550 X D 590 X H 820mm and the seat height is 450mm.

As sitting is our main concern when we pick chairs, so the chair should offer comfort and should be ergonomically perfect. In this connection, One Chair by Magis is the most suitable product which offers an ergonomical feature along with looks and great using value. Hence, it’s time now to give attention to this furnishing good and bring this versatile product in your house for both outdoor and indoor usage.

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