We shop for every occasion to decorate our house, whether it’s a party or Christmas celebration. Home decoration is a common hobby of many people and we always endeavor to rejuvenate every corner of our home with contemporary and upgraded furnishing good and items. Lately, you will observe fashionable lighting fixtures are one of the important decorative aspects that homeowners have included in their home decoration list. Unlike the other home decoration items, contemporary lighting sets have a unique feature, grand presence and appearance that can easily make people mesmerize at their first glance.

There are teeming numbers of lighting fixtures introduced in the market but, each has separate characters that will go with its location only. Each lighting set displays unique features which help to transform a mundane home ambiance into a grand and sophisticated environment. For a large room, a chandelier will be the perfect match and while for a dining room, suspension or pendant light will add a perfect glamour to the location. This way each contemporary lighting fixture is designed to illuminate different rooms of the house.

Sky Garden By Flos

Sky Garden By Flos

Among the various lighting sets, the suspension lighting fixtures attained most popularity from the homeowners for its direct illumination, decorative features and grand style. The Sky garden by Flos is one such decorative lighting set that surpassed many other lighting set in terms of its design and light effect.

With the help of the designer, Marcel Wanders the famous Sky garden by Flos came into existence. And immediately after its launch, the lighting fixture attained rapid popularity from the customers. For designing this lighting set Marcel Wanders took inspiration from the decorated ceiling of his previous home. “In my former house I had a fabulous antique decorated plaster ceiling. I called it my Sky garden,”said Marcel Wanders post designing this lighting set.

This lighting fixture resembles a half sphere which is painted in black, white and in gold colour. And the interior of this light displays a spectacular white plaster floral decoration which highlights the ceiling of Marcel’s previous house. This fixture offers a diffused lighting from a hemispherical white painted cast plaster diffuser. Its interior frieze is mechanically drawn in AISI 304 steel and completely photo-etched. This suspension lighting set suspends from the molded and galvanized steel ceiling attachment by a 13 feet of field cuttable steel wire having transparent power cord.

This Italian made lighting fixture is a complete wonder for any location and the most surprising aspect you will get to see soon you look upward and get the glance of its interior decoration. So, make sure this time you do not forget to add decorative lighting fixtures in your decoration list to make your interior more enticing and perfect. With Sky garden by Flos you will certainly achieve that grandeur and illumination for which you waited so long.

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