The progress in the field of technological goods marked a new-age innovation for every item. Now technology is not secluded only to industries rather it started evolving in homes and interestingly this modern technology developed the traditional kitchen into contemporary kitchen. Most significantly you will find your kitchen functional and advanced compared to other locations of the house. Modern technology and science have started upgrading which consequently paves the way for the innovation of high technology cooking appliances.

There are ample varieties of cooking appliances available in the market and you will find those are endowed with high quality features and design. These kitchen appliances define a convenient operation, time-saving technology and high safety features. With this, majority of homeowners have started implementing these modern kitchen appliances to bring functional features and trendy contemporary outlook in the kitchen. Ovens, hobs, built-in ovens, cooker hoods, double ovens, are generally recognized as the modern kitchen appliances. Unlike the traditional kitchen appliances, these kitchen products completely represent a new way one cooks in the kitchen.

Food that takes long hours for preparation, now it takes just few minutes to serve you hot and fresh in your dining table. Moreover, these modern kitchen appliances would allow you to prepare large number of dishes and additionally maintain the nutrient value of the food. Hobs and ovens is the best cooking appliances if we talk about preparation of diverse ranges of delicious food items. These two kitchen appliances turned the traditional kitchen into a functional kitchen where everything happens through a magical spell.

However, there are various brands of hobs and ovens available in the market but, always make the best choice so, pick the Siemens Ovens and Hobs for your favourite kitchen. All Siemens product come with warranty, high functional features, safety measures and with high quality material. Hence, let’s review the features of some of the Siemens ovens and hobs.

Siemens Ovens And Hobs – Features

EP616HB91E Hob

Siemens  Hobs

Siemens Hobs

  • Four gas hob burner (2 standard, I economy, 1 high-speed wok burner)
  • The hob ignites via control dials.
  • Variable power levels.
  • Flame failure safety device.
  • Have four individual cast iron pan supports and two piece burners.
  • Steel look front control dials and cast iron support.

HB43NB520B Oven

Siemens Ovens

Siemens Ovens

  • It is a built-in double multifunctional oven with stainless steel body.
  • 50 litre capacity in the main lower oven and 35 litre capacity in the secondary top oven.
  • Have five main cooking functions in the lower oven and 3 main functions in the secondary oven.
  • Has metal fascia and standard control dials.
  • Drop down oven door and control panel lock.
  • Automatic on/off programmer.
  • ecoClean coating inside the oven to make the cleaning process easy.

You can find such innovative features only in Siemens ovens and hobs and with the development of technology we will witness more progressive innovation for unique kitchen appliances from this brand.

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