If someone thinks to buy some essential furniture for their new home or while renovating their place, the  first thing possibly comes in their mind is a stylish table. A smart and good quality table is one of the most primary pieces of furniture of any home, be it in London or any other locality in the UK . Now the challenge is to find the best available table from the wide range of options in the market. Some basic requirements are a wide surface, long durability and obviously the design of table that an individual looking for while buying a table.
Helsinki Table Desalto
Regardless of  the interior of your home or office , a Helsinki table by Desalto seems the most favorable choice for Londoners. This wide surfaced , sleek table still is an automatic choice for London homes and offices. The large surface area of a Helsinki table is the most likable feature of this stylish piece of furniture. One can easily keep a huge amount of stuffs on it and that too very comfortably. Well, here comes the best thing about a Helsinki table by Desalto,  the stretchable design. You can stretch this table as per as the requirement without changing the core structure.

The world-famous Italian  industrial furniture designer Desalto  has designed the Helsinki table and it instantly became everybody’s favorite choice while buying a modern table for various purposes. Here is the latest technology coupled with the spectacular creativity that made the Helsinki a winner. It has added a huge value to modern furniture and till date is a popular choice for Londoners. There some technical aspects that made the Helsinki table the choicest piece of home appliances. Wider surface area, easy to keep large amounts of stuffs, tough steel edge, very attractive and elegant polish with a cool metallic chrome appearance all these things are proven a competitive edge for the Desalto piece.

Using best quality stainless steel ensures the durability of the Helsinki table. The top surface is painted with sober white or ash colour. A 10 mm strong ceramic glass top on the surface make this table look stunning. All the more you can assemble a wide-spaced drawer into it. This can be useful if you need to stock some documents easily at your home or office.

You can use a Helsinki table for multipurpose occasions like as a reception desk in your office or as a spacious dining table at your home too.

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